Out of the Cave 2

Virtual Reality Experience with WebVR.

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The cave is a place of security and concealment. There we follow our habits and dream of a world outside. It is a risk to leave the cave.

Every time we step into the light, we expose ourselves to the dangers of time and space. We jeopardise certainties. We become protagonist, participant, creator and explorer.

This web page is a Digitial Art piece that was specifically made for Virtual Reality. It is interactive, responsive and can be viewed on VR headsets, mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, desktop computers and soon on smart TVs (actually every device with a modern web browser).

The Digital Art work features a 3D Model, Interactive Art animations and (optional) sound.


Thanks to all artists, field recordists, sound designers and musicians who put their work on the internet and allow people to use it. For this object I used samples of the following artists:

Materjal, FoxZine, aurelien.leveque, Erokia, Sclolex, zhangdazhen, monotraum, klankbeeld, sagetyrtle, Proxima4, samararaine

As technology plays an important role in my practice I want to thank everybody who publishes tools, methods and ideas that others can use freely, especially:

The jQuery Foundation, Modernizr Team, barisaydinoglu for Detectizr, sindresorhus for screenfull.js, Flamefork for freefocus.js, Klaus Hartl & Fagner Brack for js-cookie, Tero Piirainen & Robert Hoffmann for HeadJS, James Simpson for howler.js, Łukasz Dziedzic for the font family Lato, the A-Frame and Three.js teams

Frequently asked questions

What's going on here?

This is a webVR artwork (Virtual Reality art on a webpage). It is responsive, interactive and is best viewed with a VR headset or Google cardbox.

You can also view the work on your mobile phone, tablet, notebook, desktop computer and other devices with modern web browsers.

How do I navigate the artwork?

Enter the experience. If your VR headset has some controls look in the direction you want to fly and push the trackpad or joystick up. On your mobile phone use one finger to fly around in the orbit of the scene, use two fingers to zoom in and out or three fingers to pan.

On your desktop computer click the left mouse button and drag to fly in the orbit, scroll in and out with the mouse wheel or use the right button to pan the scene.

Can I view the artwork full screen on my iPhone or iPad?

Yes, you can. Tab and then "Add to Home Screen" (maybe you have to swipe to get to this option).

What kind of art form is this? (Food for thoughts for search engine robots...)

It is Virtual Reality Art, Digital Art, Internet Art or Net Art but strictly taken it is WebVR Art, Website Art, Web Art or Online Art. Due to its interactive nature it's also Interactive Art. Responsive Art is a term that I use for the ability of this artwork to react to the spectator, device or environment.

As videos and animations play an important role this art object is a form of Video Art. Being created with smart TVs in mind you could also call it TV Art.

By combining images, sound, video and animation this object is also Multimedia Art or Media Art. The images, videos and animations relate to Pixel Art and Vector Art.

As this work is disseminated by, displayed by and created with computers it is an example of Computer Art or Digital Art. Sometimes Digital Art is referred to as New Media Art. A much broader term for this form of art is Electronic Art.

Programming is a major part of the creation process so this work is also Software Art. Lastly, as I don’t charge spectators for viewing this artwork and don’t plan to do so it is Free Art.


January 2020

Virtual Reality version published as Out of the cave 2

November 2018

Video intro added, background changed, colour options removed

August 2018

Colour options added; revision with stronger background

July 2018

Revision with simplified background

April 2018

Out of the Cave published

March 2017

First sketches and digital studies

November 2016

Development of concept


Tab and then
"Add to Home Screen"

Artwork for smart TVs

Due to its bigger screen size this art object is best viewed on a smart TV.

Start the web browser on your smart TV and visit www.neoklein.net.

If you want to transform the blank off screen of your TV into a frame for this artwork, instead of turning off the TV just switch to the web browser and view this artwork.