About me

During my work as a web designer it was always clear to me that the web is not only a place for the exchange of information and merchandise but that it also offers unlimited possibilities for art and artists. At one point I decided to use my skills for works that do not have an informational or promotional purpose. I started to build web pages as artworks. In 2019 I discovered the possibility to use webVR for my practice.

I make objects that combine 3d models, vector painting, alienated images, animations, texts or sounds. These works react to the viewer, medium, time or enviroment.

For my visual works I use methods that are known for the creation of electronic music namely sampling, mixing and filtering.

I’m interested in the relationships between freedom and determination, rationality and believe as well as feeling and idea.

My works are never finished and are developed over the course of years. They not only react to the viewer but also to changes of society, technology or contemporary history.

Daniel Neoklein


Born in Freiburg im Breisgau / Germany
Studied architecture, business administration, media management
Worked for TV production companies in different functions
Worked as freelance web designer
Lived in Munich and Vienna
Lives and works in Cologne and Düsseldorf

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